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Bob Harper weighs in on Jillian Michaels' Lizzo Comments

Jillian Michaels at the BlogHer event in 2018

In case you missed it, media personality and former The Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels came under fire for comments she made about singer Lizzo on Buzzfeed's AM to DM. "We should always be inclusive," Michaels said, "but we cannot glorify obesity. It's dangerous. It kills people." While some agreed, Michaels was heavily criticized for her comments.

The host of The Biggest Loser, Bob Harper gave Rae Williams his thoughts on the situation as he discussed the upcoming reboot. "When it comes to Lizzo, I love her," Harper confessed. "When she gets on that flute, I going nuts over that, he said speaking of the classically trained flautist who routinely incorporates the instrument into her pop performances.

I would never venture to give Lizzo advice, or anybody that's not asking for my advice."

While Harper maintained his distance from the situation, Michaels subsequently appeared on several outlets defending her words and further explaining what she meant. As for Harper, his final thoughts: "As soon as you want to talk to me about changing different things, I'm going to be there for you. But until then it is none of my business."

Check out the interview at The Buzz

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